Privacy Policy

How We Collect Information

Personal Information

HFP Live allows users to view content anonymously through generic credentials provided through your organization.  HFP Live only collects personal information from you when you fill out a registration or when you update your profile or trackers.  This information is only collected if you provide it and can include your name, email, age, activity level, and any information you provide by using the trackers on the site.  We may use personal information to report attendance for the live stream sessions/webinars, to register you for challenges and programs, to calculate challenge results and program results, and to produce aggregate data and reports (which do not include any personal identifying information) for our own use or for marketing purposes.  Aggregate reports are normally group numbers and never have identifying information (i.e we might produce a report that says 200 employees participated in a challenge.  The report will not list any names or personal information).  Your email may also be used to contact you direct if ever required by law or if we need to report an issue with your account.  

If you are using HFP Live through your organization, your organization may have access to the data that you enter in your registrations and in your profile.  They may use this information for the same purposes listed above.

In the event that you participate in a public challenge or a scored wellness program (or an employer group or organizational challenge or wellness program), your profile’s designated screen name and your challenge results and/or wellness score may be shared with the other participants in the challenge.  These are results only.  Your name, email and other tracker and health information not related to the challenge are not shared unless you choose to make them public.  If the challenge involves rewards, raffles or any other item in which you must be identified in order to receive the item, then be sure to read the rules of the challenge to see if your name could be published in the results.

Non personal information

HFP Live collects non personal information regarding items such as logins, page views, clicks, date and times and searches with in our site while logged into our site.  This information is used to help us analyze how our website is being used so we can continually make improvements.  If you are using this site through your organization, this data is available to your organization as well.


Cookies are a small piece of data sent from a web server to a web browser on a user’s computer.  Cookies allow sites such as ours to identify a user and provide a more customized experience while on our site.  At any time, a user may configure their web browser not to accept cookies from HFP Live.

GPS Tracking

HFP Live does not track locations for any purpose

Information Sharing Policies

HFP Live does not sell, rent or distribute personal information unless required to do so by law.  Users agree to allow HFP Live to publish, sell or release aggregate data or reports on an aggregate basis.  These reports do not contain any personal or identifying information and are reports that show total combine information.  For example, we may share that users on our site have achieved a combine total of 10,000,000 steps in a year.  This number would be an aggregate number of all steps from all users.  But no one single user or their information is shared.  

Employee Wellness Programs, Organizational Wellness Programs

**HFP Live frequently provides wellness programs for companies, employer groups, organizations, and government agencies (referred to as “Clients”).  If HFP Live is providing a wellness program for a client and you are participating in that program, your personal and non personal information will be available to the client organizing the program in which you are participating.  In this case, your personal information will be subject to the privacy policies of the client hosting your wellness program.   It is important to know how your employer group or organization intends to use your information before participating in any wellness program.


HFP Live implements security measures to protect your information against unauthorized access or disclosure.  Only certain HFP Live employees, contractors, and necessary 3rd party groups providing services for HFP Live who need to see your information to do their jobs have access to your information.  If you are registered for a program through your employer group, they will have access to your information as well per their privacy policies.  

All information is stored on our secure servers in Arlington, VA and backup data is stored on Google Cloud servers.  Any sensitive health information is encrypted.  We conduct penetration tests regularly and modify our site security as needed and we work to go above and beyond the required security standards set forth by HIPAA and the European Union.  We do not ask for or require social security numbers, or financial information of any sorts. We recommend that you only enter information needed for your current programs or challenges on this site. 


Despite our consistent best efforts, cyber security and risks are constantly evolving which make it difficult to guarantee that no attack on our site will ever succeed.  HFP Live does not guarantee or warrant the security of your information that you enter on our site.  Please be cautious of downloading or transmitting any information that you want to keep private.  Always logout of your sessions online and keep your phone locked if you are using your mobile device to participate.  Please remember that using public computers on open networks can increase the risk of someone seeing your information.    The only way to guarantee complete safety of any online information is if you do NOT enter it online.  If you are not comfortable with sharing the information needed to participate the programs and challenges on this website, please do NOT participate.


You can contact HFP Live at any time regarding our privacy policy by emailing us at info@healthfairsplus.com or calling 571-222-7078