What is HFP Live?

HFP Live is an innovative health and wellness streaming and online catalog service operated by Health Fairs Plus, LLC. HFP Live gives you access to a different type of virtual programming beyond the webinars, workshops, demos, and fitness classes you may be accustomed to. Through technology, traveling, gaming, and social tools, we make every employee feel like a part of every session we do. Our mission is to show you health and wellness from a perspective you have never experienced before. So jump right in and let’s reimagine health together!

Custom webinars, classes, games and virtual health fairs

Like what you see on our live stream? You can request a custom, next-generation webinar, workshop, demo, and/or fitness class for your organization. Just like our live stream, our custom sessions are innovative, engaging, interactive, and fun. You can request a specific topic or just choose from our catalog of ready-made sessions covering the latest and hottest topics in health and wellness. We create the marketing, manage the registrations, and send the recording of the session to you when finished. For more information, please email us at info@healthfairsplus.com

Online Employee Challenges

Health Fairs Plus is proud to offer the Employee Wellness Hub, an online wellness platform that companies can use in order to administer employee challenges and incentive tracking programs. Use one of our pre-made, state-of-the-art challenges or customize your own challenge specific to your organization. We can create any challenge or incentive tracking program, for any category, with any topics, any trackers, and any scoring system you want. And the best part is that we do all of the work for you. The Employee Wellness Hub provides the only service that you’ll need to create, deliver, and track the best employee wellness programs in the industry! Ask us for a demo of the most customizable and user-friendly challenge platform you’ll ever see.

Who is Health Fairs Plus?

HFP Live is provided by Health Fairs Plus, LLC (HFP), a nationwide leader in employee wellness programs. Health Fairs Plus has been in operation since 2002 and is based in Haymarket VA just outside of Washington, DC. Our abilities and resources allow us to provide efficient and effective services anywhere worldwide. Our goal is to make use of the most innovative corporate wellness tools available to keep employee health up and corporate healthcare costs down. Our online tools and resources allow us to provide programs nationwide while our database of local health and wellness professionals makes it possible to keep a local feel to your events. We helped coordinate over 2000 virtual wellness events last year look forward to continuing to grow this year!