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Employee FAQ’s


HFP Live is proud to bring you weekly health and wellness sessions which include webinars, workshops, demos, and fitness classes in real-time.  As a participant, you can expect to be both entertained and educated on the latest hot topics pertaining to health and wellness.  Our sessions are engaging and interactive and we encourage participants to ask questions, give feedback, and share their experiences throughout.


Yes, absolutely.  If you have a request, please submit a feedback form here and let us know!  WE would love to hear from you so that we can better our service.

Do I need to sign up for my own account?

If your organization has provided credentials for you to access HFP Live, you do not need to create an account to view the content.  Simply enter the credentials provided by your organization on the home page to log in.  

If your organization has not provided credentials for you to access HFP Live, you will need to create your own account first before logging in.  You only need to create an account once.  You can use your email or username and the password you create to access content anytime.

How do I view a schedule of the sessions?

Users can log in anytime and view the calendar of upcoming sessions on the home page.  The calendar usually shows sessions up to 6 weeks in advance and may show more or less depending on the booking timeline available for the presenters and wellness professionals.

How do I register for the sessions I want to attend?

You can register for upcoming webinars/sessions by logging in and selecting the event on the calendar that you want to attend.  When the detail box appears, select “Register”.  It’s that easy!

Do I need to register for each session that I want to attend?

No, not at all!  HFP Live is accessible anytime and you can view the live stream, webinars, workshops, demos, and fitness classes anytime without registering in advance.  Just log in and you will have full access to all content.

Can I get reminders of the upcoming sessions?

Yes.  In order to get reminders, you must register for the session that you want to be reminded of.  Once registered, you get the option to upload the event into your phone or computer’s default calendar.  You can customize the reminder frequency for the session from your device.

What if I cannot make a session, will you schedule it again?

Some sessions may have multiple times available throughout a week or month while others with special guests may only air once.  However, all sessions are recorded and will be available in the video library for at least 30 days so that you can view the session on-demand.

Can I reach out to the presenters after a session if I have additional questions?

Yes! Although some presenters will not be accessible, most will provide a method of contact should you want to reach out.  Please understand that many of the presenters may take a few days to respond depending on their schedules and the number of fans they hear from.